Of Last Stands and Glass Towers
"This is definitely not natural."

Screw writing journal entries in-character, I don’t think I can maintain the faux-Cockney accent for an entire post. >_> If I miss any important details just supply ‘em on yer own. I’m pulling this all out of memory, after all.

Session 2:

The entire session was taken up by the party’s battle with the goblins at Langley’s Rock. They put the terrain (specifically, loose items on the roof) to good use in making up for the enemy’s numbers, and miraculously managed to win the fight without the cleric (who had gone off to “save the cows,” supposedly). By the end of the battle the goblins were fleeing, and the adventurers offered no quarter; some jumping off the roof was involved in pursuit of the enemy. No survivors remained.

There was one casualty though; Gork Montfort fell to his fellow goblins. The way he died, he actually still could have been saved; it would appear that he simply decided to let himself go after realizing that he’d picked a life far more dangerous than the showbiz he’d grown accustomed to.

Session 3:

The party rolled back into town and attracted a crowd of fans, after several witnesses had seen their battle at Langley’s Rock from the walls of London. After making the report to Ben Volson at Tenpenny tower, they split up to go their separate ways; Gaga and Otto for shopping, Bob to the Pits and Dr. Tiberius back to his clinic.

Lady Gaga and Otto were off to the shopping center (or rather, an old stadium converted into one) to get some money for the loot acquired at Langley’s Rock. After all the bartering they encountered a mysterious man named Mr. Blue, who offered them a separate job from the Volsons’—one that involved scouting out the Spire while maintaining confidentiality. Otto signed the contract, Gaga didn’t.

Meanwhile, our new replacement PC was introduced in the form of Vincent “Off-the-Wall Vinnie” Fenwick; a junkie/hobo who, true to his moniker, was staying around the walls of London. He was approached by a redheaded Mr. Blue in a white coat and hat who offered him a similar contract to that offered Otto and Gaga; after some attempted negotiating and a bit of tripping he signed.

Dr. Tiberius had a similar encounter in his own clinic, wherein Mr. Blue appeared to him and offered him the job. After refusing he went and reported it to Ben Volson, who ended up lambasting him for not obtaining a copy of the contract.

Eventually the party all met up and set out to go back to their Briar Patch scouting. En route they ran into Off-the-Wall Vinnie, who introduced himself as a mage and joined the club (after Lady Gaga forced him into a makeover). Once back at Langley’s Rock they proceeded to the Spire (with some encouragement from Vinnie).

After a short, uneventful trek through the forest they reached the site of the Spire; it wasn’t a tower so much as it was a thin glass-ish tube amidst a whole bunch of small buildings. The Spire itself was revealed to be of some indestructible material that hums when struck, absorbs broken-off pieces of itself and changes its note depending on exposure to heat or cold; it’s notable that the only heat and cold it was exposed to were from Vinnie’s spells.

The party went off to explore the buildings around and found themselves in what appeared to be a facility of sorts, with security cameras (apparently deactivated) around, desks and files. After going through some rooms they discovered amongst the files that the Spire was apparently used to absorb something from the surrounding environment.

Delving deeper, they found themselves at an observation deck before some sort of mini-forest beneath a glass dome with rooms all around it. The first few rooms contained (deactivated) monitors, with a ring of keys in one drawer; the last few rooms had cages in them that were empty, and looked as if they could be sent into a lower area via some switches.

The session ended as a man-sized spiderlike creature with tentacles in place of mandibles attempted to leap at Dr. Tiberius from within the mini-forest, only to slam against the glass.

Session 1: Gork Montfort's Adventure Log
He did it for glory, gold and goblinkind.

The following entry was taken from writings found in a spellbook that looks to have been purchased somewhere in Southern London. Though the handwriting is neat enough, the book itself looks to have gone through several things that sane men wouldn’t dare—it has tears, burn-marks and scratches.

Turns out this spare spellbook came in handy after all. Whod’ve thought a showbiz guy like me’d bother keeping a journal, eh?

So I’ve been doing this job for years. Come to think about it, my job is pretty sweet. I get all the fame and glory of the Pit without any of the dirty work. People see my face in London and they’re all like, “Hey, you’re that guy!” Doesn’t matter that I’m a goblin and all that. Well, they all love me except that Loblaw fellow. Claims I called his win wrong or something. I swear, it looked like Stonehammer was pinning HIM.

Anyway it all starts when I wake up one day and tell myself, “Gork, this isn’t a good career path for a goblin of your talents.” I know I’m great at whipping the crowd into a frenzy when I say my lines in the Pit but I just know that a little guy like me’s gotta have bigger plans in life. There’s that little special-effects thing I can do with the fire and the bouncy sparkly thing. I don’t know why I can do it, but I do know not everyone can put on their own pyrotechnics and lights.

What do I do about that? Take it up with the boss of course. Strangely enough he takes it all in stride and before I know it, I’m sitting in one of the Volsons’ lofts with Loblaw, some chick named Gaga, a doctor and some big foreign guy. Then there’s Ben Volson, Val Volson’s second eldest up front—looks like serious business.

Apparently the Volsons are assembling a suicide squad…excuse me, an adventuring party to strike out into the Briar Patch and get to the other side. Well, it’s certainly a place I can put my unique talents to good use. Who knows? Maybe I can get in touch with my roots out there. The charming city Gobber comes home to his long-lost country cousins and all that. Looks like I’ve been lumped with some very…enterprising people too. Gods, that was a long shopping list.

So now we’re off on some cow-drawn carts to follow some lead about goblin attacks somewhere past King’s Blade. Hey, maybe I’ll get to put my people-skills to good use.

Though there are no dates indicated in the journal, the segregation is made evident by the author’s intentional skipping a line before the next paragraph.

Hey journal, it’s been a day (give or take a few hours) and we’re at Langley’s Rock north of King’s Blade. According to the guards, the goblin attack was a week ago. They’ve also got some science-y people studying the Spire out there with a telescope. I never liked sciency-y people. They try to explain EVERYTHING. They definitely can’t explain my special effects.

The fighty people in our merry band decided to go on with the suicide…I mean scouting out in the Briar Patch. Meanwhile, Doc Tiberius and I have elected to stay behind and watch the cows. Not a bad fella, that Doc Tiberius. He just seems a bit cynical, but I guess any doctor in a place like London would be.

Well, I guess I better go. I can hear the guards shouting about lights in the distance and “Not being paid enough for this shite.” Funny guys, those guards. And so easy to hustle at Poker.

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