[DEAD(?)] Albert Buckets

It looks like a suit of armor, and it carries a big hammer around. That's pretty much all there is to it...or is it?


Warforged Barbarian 1 (Rageblood Vigor):

Attributes: Str 18, Con 18, Dex 12, Int 8, Wis 12, Cha 10

Initiative: +1
Speed: 6

HP: 38; Bloodied: 19; Surges: 12 (9 HP)

AC/Fort/Ref/Will: 15/16/12/11

Basic Melee: Maul (6 vs. AC, 2d64 damage)
Basic Ranged: Handaxe (6 vs. AC, 1d64 damage)

At-Will Powers: Pressing Strike, Recuperating Strike
Encounter Powers: Avalanche Strike, Swift Charge, Warforged Resolve
Daily Power: Swift Panther Rage

Trained Skills: Athletics (8), Endurance (8), Perception (+6)

Feats: Toughness

Gear: Handaxe (4), Hide armor, Maul, Standard adventurer’s kit, 5 gp


This being is a warforged, a construct from some lost age built for a specific purpose: to serve its master. It started its existence as a mining/construction unit, then eventually went into stasis after its original master died and left it without orders to follow.

Eventually it was found by the Connors, given “Albert” as a name, reprogrammed and then put to use as a fighter; its effectiveness at simply taking punishment while hitting things hard made it frightfully effective on the front lines of London’s gang-ridden streets.

On the field it was discovered to contain an experimental program known as the Rapid Adaptive Growth Engagement (or simply, R.A.G.E.) System, which allowed it to temporarily transform in order to suit its needs in combat…or so Albert explains, based on its memory banks. So far all the R.A.G.E. System has done is deploy boosters to give Albert a few short kicks of speed for reaching targets in a fight, though Albert itself claims that as it gains more experience, the System will develop more powerful transformations.

After some weeks of working for the Connors, Albert earned the nickname “Buckets.” It was last seen on a mission with one Flint Redgrave (a Pit fighter who did more work as a street thug than in the arena) to check out a nearby mine. Neither of the pair returned, so it is assumed that they both perished.

Of course, Albert being a construct and not an organic being, one must wonder if it can ever truly die.

[DEAD(?)] Albert Buckets

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